7/14 Inspection

[Game Update]
300% EXP/SP Increase Event Compensation has started (7/14~7/28, 2weeks)
2015 Summer Ice Cream Event has started (7/14~7/28, 2weeks)
- Event Procedure
1. Collect the Ice Cream dropped by monsters on the hunting grounds.
2. Collect the Ice Cream and give it to NPC So-Ok.
3. NPC So-Ok will give out special gifts in return.
- Gifts Item List
1. Super Scroll (Accuracy 100%) x1
2. Super Scroll (Evasion 100%) x1
3. Strength Scroll x1
4. Intelligence Scroll x1
5. Subscription Card x1
6. Instant resurrection Scroll x1
7. Berserker regeneration potion x1
8. SP Scroll x3
9. Pandora’s Box x1
Server optimization to improve the lag issues has been applied
- Relaying unnecessary guild information in real time to the servers that might cause the lag and delays has been improved

訳: 2週間経験値3倍な!