3/22 Inspection

[Patch List]
- New Alchemy System
New Alchemy Update !
Alchemy options of current equipped will be improved.
- Increase number of equipments option (According to Item Grade)
- Expand equipment’s option (Can be obtained special option except original option)
[Max Option Number of each Grade]
Normal Equipment : Max 9
Magic Equipment : Max 9
Rare Equipment : Max 10
Legendary Equipment : Max 11
* Option will be applied from 2 at least.
* Additional Magic Option that was not applied before can be applied randomly.
Weapon - Critical
Shield - Block ratio
Chest armor - Increase HP/MP Recovery
Earring - Combustion resistance / Sleep resistance
Necklace - Stun resistance
Ring - Disease resistance / Terror resistance
[New Alchemy Item]
Wheel of Fate
- It can change the number, type, and the stat of the Alchemy option randomly.
Wheel of Furtune
- It can change the type and stat of the Alchemy option randomly, except for it's Number.
* When you used new cash item, applied option number, type and the stat can be decreased.
* You can check it from Premium Mall.