Silkroad-R Future Improvements

Since we updated the new job system in Silkroad Online, Trade and Job Conflict, and also applied it in Silkroad-R, many players have sent suggestions regarding the improvement of the current trade and job system and/or bring back old system which has thief, hunter and merchant as jobs. Our players’feedback are most valuable to us, thus, we have conducted a survey with the purpose of gathering specific features of Trade and Job system that our users want to be improved.
Based on the SRO Trade & Job Conflict survey, some players typically encountered difficulties in leveling up their job ranks and levels. Also, results showed that some of our players were discouraged to try the current Job and trade system due to inability to obtain character EXP and SP while doing job related activities.
Therefore, in response to our players' requests, we are planning to apply following improvements in the Trade and Job Conflict System:
- Required level for Target trading will be lowered
- Additional rewards will be given when caravan trade is successfully completed
- EXP/SP will be accumulated when wearing job suit while hunting
Aside from the above improvements, we are also considering applying more corrective measures and enhancements to highlight the diverse aspect of Trade and Job conflict System. Future contents will surely deliver a fun-filled and exciting Job Conflict system, with a combination of the strong points of the old job system plus the advanced features of the current system.
Schedule of the patch is still tentative, and we will make detailed announcements in the future regarding the game content development progress.

- 隊商貿易に必要なレベルの低下。
- 委託貿易の正常完了時、報酬の追加。
- 職服の装備時もEXP / SPを取得できるよう改善。