Legend 9

Summer is in full swing, and we have long not informed about anything. That is why we have a great package news this summer. Update, which has come out this summer should be the largest addition to the game over the last few years. The race to be richer by up to 20 new Chinese Skill and even up to 30 new skills, and that is to say. Witness the GM testing already in production on the official servers and new data sets in the game. Another major attraction of this edition is to be a new map Arabia and increase the maximum level to 130 new map of Arabia, is to include dozens of new monsters, new temple complex (Tower of Babel?), the new city of Babylon, and large desert and rocky areas. List of radical changes in this release:
- Added new Fortress War city of Constantinople
- Added timeout on the server acting as it is currently in Silkroad-R
- Added Chinese system and the New Skill Cleric and Bard Skills of Silkroad CHN-R
- New NPC and Quests in camps as in Silkroad-R
- Added a new type of party (Alliance)
- Added new Fellow Pet
- Enhanced Quest List (V H key)
- Improved Moonster certificate (key M)
- Enhanced Map (The key M)
- Advanced Job System
- Improved protection against hacking characters
- Improved protection against bots and spammers
- Improved Balance PvP
- Improved EXP / SP Balance
- Reduced requirements for Level UP
- Fixed problem with displaying text
- Fixed a problem in the chat window
- Fixed a problem with Guild Logo uploading
- Fixed issues with server lag
- Increased maximum server capacity (4000 to 5000 players)

- 新しい要塞 (コンスタンティノープル)
- 新しいタイプのパーティー(連合)を追加
- 新しいフェローズを追加
- クエストリストの強化 (V Hキー)
- モンスター(?)の改善 (Mキー)
- マップ機能の強化 (Mキー)
- 高度な職業システム
- ハッキングキャラクターに対する保護の強化
- BOTやスパム送信者に対する保護の強化
- PvPバランスの改善
- EXP/ SPバランスの改善
- レベルアップの要件の減少
- テキストの表示問題を修正
- チャットウィンドウの問題を修正
- ギルド紋章のアップロードに関する問題を修正
- サーバーのラグ問題を修正
- サーバの最大容量を増加 (4000から5000)